The UVjet machines are able to print on at bed or from roll to roll,
and apply to dierent materials. Its white ink printing function
allowed image to be perfectly printed on dark color surface like wood or glass.

UV inkjet Output Service

  • 卷裝3.2米 封度。              Max. width 3.2M per roll.

    平板尺寸48 x 96  x 1.5"    Flat bed size 48 x 96 x 1.5"

    每平方寸HK$0.3起。       Form HK$0.3 per square in.

    每圖最低收費為HK$ 200。 Min. Charge HK$ 200

                                                 per image.

    一般製作需時2-3天。         Generally, take 2 to 3 days

                                                 to produce.

  • 送貨服務收費以地區而定。由HK$ 38起。

    Delviery sevice charge depends on the location. Start from HK$ 38.