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Fine Art Canvas

Lyve Semi-Glossy  Canvas

Designed to break the benchmarks, Lyve puts the tech in technically superior

Our most advanced microporous coating for optimal ink load and image definition on a bright white matte canvas

Not too thick, not too thin- an ideal 17 Micron Poly/Cotton base for medium texture and easy stretching

Certified by an independent third party for 100+ years display life when paired with Timeless or Glamour 2

Reflect your art accurately under any lighting conditions

OBA-free for a color stable canvas that will never "burn-out"

Canvas Output

Price: $0.95 per sq. inch
Min. Charge: $380 per image

Lyve canvas sets the standard for premium inkjet canvas. It’s OBA free yet bright white surface prevents the yellowing that commonly ruins lesser canvas prints due to UV light exposure. Paired with the correct ICC profile Lyve’s patented inkjet coating enables you to print blacks dark enough to lose your keys in, and to reproduce the unique and vibrant colors often found on a painters palette. With a 100 years blue wool certification by the fine art trade guild, you can confidently state that your fine art canvas prints will last for generations. 

Lyve 油畫布是優質噴墨油畫布。它不含 OBA,明亮的白色表面可防止因紫外線照射而泛黄。搭配正确的 ICC 配置文件,Lyve 的專利噴墨涂層,能够打印出足够深的黑色,重現原作的色彩。其持有美術貿易協會頒發的 100 年藍色羊毛認證,你可以自信地說你的美術畫布印刷品將世代相傳。

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